Routine Gynecological Services in Eugene, OR

No matter what your age is, it is important to focus on your health. Dr. Richard Beyerlein is committed to helping women stay on top of their health through routine gynecological services. Our full range of services provides quality care every step of the way! For more information, call us or schedule an appointment online.

Routine Gynecological Services Near Me in Eugene, OR
Routine Gynecological Services Near Me in Eugene, OR

Every woman should undergo an annual check-up with their gynecologist beginning around age 21 or when they first become sexually active. Your well woman exam will include a breast exam, pelvic exam, and a pap test. For women who are 40 years old or older, a mammogram should be performed every 1-2 years. At Dr. Richard A Beyerlein, MD in Eugene, we offer comprehensive screening services for breast cancer, HPV, and other common reproductive conditions. Your annual check-up with your gynecologist will provide you with a designated time to discuss a wide range of topics including family planning, concerns about your period, and any issues that are affecting your intimate relationships.

Even if you are menopausal, you should continue receiving pap tests and pelvic exams until at least age 65. At that point, if you have not had any abnormal results from a pelvic exam in the past 10 years, you may be able to discontinue your pelvic exams. Dr. Beyerlein can help you decide if and when it is time to discontinue these exams.


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